Reflected: “Vodcast – Sources”

Originally published 11.6.2015 15:03

This blogpost was primarily designed as a companion piece for the actual videos on YouTube. When I first created and uploaded them there was no proper way to link to some external URL directly from the video interface. Additionally, the main focus of these videos was to gather data (via a questionnaire) and to be able to use that data for my studies (i.e. a tiny empirical study).

Since that task is now completed it is more important to have the actual sources for the content available rather than the (now-inactive) questionnaire. So below you can find the studies and texts I used for creating the videos.

Since YouTube doesn’t allow proper embedding of external links, I will provide you with the sources I mentioned below:


Safer Internet – Das Internet sicher nutzen!

Opening Facebook: How to Use Facebook in the College Classroom

“We Don’t Twitter, We Facebook”: An Alternative Pedagogical Space that Enables Critical Practices in Relation to Writing

A Review of Research on Facebook as an Educational Environment

Let’s ‘Face’ It: Facebook as an Educational Tool for College Students

An analysis of Facebook intensity and privacy management practices of public school educators in the United States

Tools at Work: Facebook’s March on Privacy


Twitter Usage in Higher Education
Tweeting Your Way to Improved #Writing, #Reflection, and #Community
The Use of Twitter for Professional Growth and Development
Twittering about Learning: Using Twitter in an Elementary School Classroom

Microblogging Activities: Language Play and Tool Transformation
Can Microblogs and Weblogs change traditional scientific writing?
Twitter use among the elementary school students


Using Pinterest to Organize and Display Multimedia Materials for Chinese Language Instruction

Technologie und Schreiben:
Leveraging Affordances of the Mashup Tool Pinterest for Writing and Reflecting on Culture

Incorporating Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook in Economics Classrooms
Small-Scale Design Experiments as Working Space for Larger Mobile Communication Challenges

Instagram at the museum: communicating the museum experience through social photo sharing

Moving on from Facebook
Using Instagram to connect with undergraduates and engage in teaching and learning