I had my first foray into podcasting years ago during my high-school-times. It wasn’t anything serious, and as anybody would expect it was mostly about having fun and satirizing friends, classmates and school life. The episodes started as short audio recordings of around 2 minutes with me and my friend sitting at his computer and blabbering into a microphone. Eventually episode lengths ranged from 9 to 19 minutes and we ended up with 8 episodes that we basically just shared with the friends we were making fun of and that was that.

Then jump all the way to April 2013, the first iteration of Lets Talk Football, or three American Football nerds discussing their favorite sport and hobby. It wasn’t a Podcast in a traditional sense as it was first recorded via a Google Hangout and posted only on YouTube. Since the beginning we evolved and totalled 343 episodes focusing on all things NFL before we ended the podcast.

For my other passion, it took a while until I settled on podcasting. Even though I started blogging during my teacher training I never really felt the urge to record conversations about education. Since I was busy recording the LTF Podcast I didn’t see the time where I could put enough good thought and effort into another podcast about an entirely different topic, but at least the idea of making a podcast about education stuck in my mind.

Then in 2017 I had the opportunity to start a Podcast through our project, which is entitled Bildungsshaker. During our project work and recording I kept meeting a bunch of interesting people and having great discussions with them about a range of topics surrounding education. I also took part in more and more seminars, conferences and bar camps where I realized how many important discussions people are having outside of the regularly scheduled programming. So I set a plan for starting my own separate Podcast in 2019 which ended up being the Bildungsdraisine Podcast (currently on a hiatus).